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THERMAL PROCESSING: Metso to supply calcining system in Russia

Calcining plant Credit: Metso

Calcining plant Credit: Metso

FINLAND – Metso has signed a contract for the delivery of a calcining system to a customer in Russia. The order, valued at approximately €30 million, has been booked in the company’s first quarter orders received. The system is expected to start up in 2023.

The circuit features two calcining lines with a total capacity of approximately 380,000 tonnes per year, and has been designed to remove moisture and volatile substances and improve chemical and physical features of the final product. Both lines include a rotary kiln, an afterburner and a rotary cooler. The delivery includes automation, control and additional systems.

Metso is the world’s leading supplier of these types of calcining systems and has designed and supplied over 50 of these plants, representing approximately 70% of the world’s calcining capacity.

Calcining is a thermal mineral processing method where heated air or oxygen is applied to ores to achieve their decomposition, phase transition or volatile fraction removal. It’s most commonly used to produce cement, through a process where limestone (calcium carbonate) is calcined to produce quicklime (calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide.

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