Champion Electric raising funds for fire-ravaged Cree Nation of Chisasibi in Quebec

Champion Electric Metals (CSE:LTHM; OTCQB: CHELF) has launched a fundraising and awareness campaign for the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, who have been […]
Credit: Stephane Bourgeois via SOPFEU Facebook page

Champion Electric Metals (CSE:LTHM; OTCQB: CHELF) has launched a fundraising and awareness campaign for the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, who have been stricken by the wildfires in Eeyou Istchee James Bay, Quebec this past summer.

There were 38 active fires in the northern zone, and a total of nearly 3.6 million hectares burned since the start of the season in May. The Chisasibi community has lost many homes that burned to the ground in six different traplines – the livelihood for many members of this community. Others have lost ATVs, snow machines and boats, and other equipment used to support their livelihood. The main highway has been repeatedly closed due to fires, making it impossible to receive regular daily supplies, and there have been countless evacuations due to a very bad air quality. In addition to the direct impact to the communities, a vast number of animals have perished or been displaced.

The losses to flora and fauna in this area are severe and will take many years to be restored. The negative impact is large and lasting – for example, the moose and caribou won't be back to the burned areas, nor will the ptarmigan and white birds, as their food sources are gone. The ash and soot from the fires have impacted the waterways, polluted lakes and affected fish and plant life that inhabit these waters. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the full impact of the devastation will not be known for many months after the fires have stopped and an account of the damage has been taken.

"Given limited and slow deployment of support to these communities and given the immediate needs are so great (over 60% of the Cree of Chisasibi are under the age of 30), we are reaching out to you asking for your support,” says Champion president and CEO Jonathan Buick. “We have launched a Go Fund Me Page to help raise funds for the children and youth of Chisasibi who have watched their community, land and way of life be devastated by these wildfires.

“We hope that you agree with us that this is the time to do our part, stand together and show our support for the challenges this community faces. Together we can make a meaningful difference and create a lasting and better future for the Chisasibi community,” he added.

Based on Champion Electric's discussions with Chisasibi leaders, the following will make an immediate impact on local families and particularly the children:

  • Backpacks and school supplies for the 1,500 plus students enrolled for this year's school year;
  • Bedding and basics essentials for those that lost their homes or cabins;
  • New or slightly used hockey equipment to help the 168 children and youth registered for this upcoming hockey season, and the 144 children and youth registered for the upcoming broomball season.

Any hockey equipment, school supplies, basic essentials or monetary donation to purchase items in need would be invaluable and greatly appreciated and would mean a great deal to the Chisasibi community.

Support for the Chisasibi people can be done by clicking here.

The team at Champion Electric would be thrilled to discuss this opportunity further and explore potential partnerships or collaborations. Please reach out to president and CEO Jonathan Buick at [email protected] for further conversation.


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