CORPORATE GIVING: Kinross aids victims of Chilean earthquake

TORONTO - Kinross has (may we say it?) a heart of gold. In the two weeks since Chile was rattled by a magnitud...

TORONTO - Kinross has (may we say it?) a heart of gold. In the two weeks since Chile was rattled by a magnitude 8.8 earthquake, the company is offering practical and much-needed support for those who need it.

Following the earthquake, Kinross provided transportation for rescue workers to the affected area, and has made its mine rescue teams available to assist in the relief effort if requested by local authorities. On March 5, the company announced C$705,000 in humanitarian relief initiatives, focused primarily on rebuilding homes and providing social support.

"We extend our heartfelt condolences to the people of Chile affected by this terrible disaster, and are committed to assisting the country in its efforts to rebuild. In addition to our financial aid, our people and operations in Chile are ready to provide whatever practical assistance they can to assist the affected communities," said Kinross president and CEO Tye Burt.

Kinross currently operates the La Coipa and Maricunga mines in Chile, and employs approximately 1,000 people in the country. Both Kinross mines are located approximately 1,000 km north of the area most affected by Saturday's earthquake. No employees working at the mines or in the company's offices were injured during the earthquake. The mines experienced no damage and only limited disruption to production due to a brief power outage in the region.

Kinross is also involved in the development of the Lobo-Marte gold project (100%) and the Cerro Casale gold project (49% with Barrick Gold, which is anticipated to purchase an additional 25% from Kinross). Details are available at


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