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Detour Lake yields new wide, high grade intersections

Recent exploration drilling results from the Detour Lake gold mine. Credit: Kirkland Lake Gold.

Kirkland Lake Gold  (TSX: KL; NYSE: KL; ASX: KLA) has reported new wide, high grade intersections in drilling at its wholly owned Detour Lake gold mine 300 km north of Timmins, Ont.

The results came from holes drilled as part of the 270,000-metre program to grow resources. The work is underway in anticipation of releasing a new mining plan in early 2022.

Most of the results released this week came from the Saddle zone between the existing Main pit and the planned West pit. Selected results from the central Saddle zone include: 18.87 g/t over 2.6 metres and 2 g/t over 10 metres from hole DLM-21-103;  1.84 g/t over 11 metres and 9.99 g/t over 2 metres from hole DLM-20-079BW;  17.4 g/t over 3.2 metres, 15.1 g/t over 2 metres and 3.35 g/t over 9 metres from hole DLM-20-092; 0.71 g/t 67.2 metres and 9.28 g/t over 2 metres from hole DLM-20-078; and 1.1 g/t over 42.6 metres from hole DM-21-144 which targeted the Detour Mine Trend (DMT) between 200 and 400 metres below surface as well as at depth.

The company also noted:

  • 1.08 g/t over 56 metres, including 13.01 g/t over 2 metres and 3.38 g/t over 10 metres, including 14.76 g/t over 2 metres from hole DLM-20-79B;
  • 1.34 g/t over 40 metres, 0.71 g/t over 81.6 metres and 0.86 g/t over 37.2 metres from hole DLM-21-098A;
  • 0.94 g/t over 56.2 metres and 0.99 g/t over 18.1 metres from hole DLM-20-085A; and
  • 1.42 g/t over 19.9 metres, 0.73 g/t over 15 metres from hole DLM-21-106, which targeted the DMT between 100 and 200 metres below surface.

The east part of the Saddle zone was also drilled, with highlights including:

  • 1.96 g/t over 60.4 metres and 2.12 g/t over 36.3 metres, including 21.45 g/t over 2 metres from hole DLM-21-111;
  • 0.90 g/t over 103 metres and 90.03 g/t over 2.5 metres from hole DLM-20-099;
  • 0.81 g/t over 131 metres from hole DLM-21-151;
  • 1.49 g/t over 64.8 metres, including 23.95 g/t over 2 metres and 2.54 g/t over 35.1 metres, including 27.77 g/t over 2 metres from hole DLM-21-126;
  • 1.08 g/t over 75 metres and 1.04 g/t over 33.8 metres from hole DLM-21-090; and
  • 3.91 g/t over 23 metres, including 35.66 g/t over 2 metres from hole DLM-21-127.

All of these new holes were designed to intersect the DMT between 150 and 250 metres below surface and continue to confirm the continuation of this structure to the west of the current Main p reserves and resources.

The undeveloped West pit and West pit extension were also drilled. These results were also encouraging, with highlights of:

  • 2.94 g/t over 51.9 metres, including 29.37 g/t over 4 metres, 1.41 g/t over 47.2 metres and 0.92 g/t over 46.2 metres from DLM-21-122;
  • 2.37 g/t over 36 metres, 2.58 g/t over 10 metres and 0.95 g/t over 30.7 metres from hole DLMa-21-102A;
  • 0.75 g/t over 41.5 metres from hole DLM-21-135, which intersected the DMT approximately 100 metres west of the current pit shell reserves;
  • 10.66 g/t over 13 metres, including 34.51 g/t over 3 metres, 23.92 g/t over 2.3 metres, 3.52 g/t over 5 metres and 0.65 g/t over 47.8 metres from hole DLM-21-119A; and
  • 1.14 g/t over 78.4 metres from hole DLM-20-060, which intersected this structure between 200 to 400 metres to the west.

Kirkland Lake says there are currently 12 drills turning at Detour Lake and the 270,000-metre program will be completed by the end of this year.

More information about Detour Lake and Kirkland Lake’s other mines is posted on

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