DIGITIZATION: BDT2020 to shine light on industry’s unsung heroes

SUDBURY, Ont. – Partners in Achieving Change Excellence (PACE) and NORCAT are hosting the third annual Beyond Digital Transformation (BDT) conference in this […]
SUDBURY, Ont. – Partners in Achieving Change Excellence (PACE) and NORCAT are hosting the third annual Beyond Digital Transformation (BDT) conference in this city on Feb. 5-6, 2020. For the past two years BDT has striven to help the mining sector shape the digital transformation in the mining industry. The conference has previously focused on the evolving mining landscape and how mining companies and their technology partners can work collaboratively, featuring mining industry luminaries such as original conference chair Rick Howes, Samantha Espley, Michelle Ash, Ricus Grimbeek, and many others. Based on constructive feedback of the previous conferences, BDT2020 will switch gears with the theme “Data to Decisions”, offering a more practical or “down to earth” focus on how new innovations are applied. Data to Decisions will demonstrate how leveraging data in the hands of the right people (historical, real-time, near rea- time, or predictive analysis), and supporting the adoption of the right processes, through digital transformation or otherwise, has made a major shift in safety and productivity within mining operations. BDT2020 will also shine the “miner’s lamp” on the industry’s unsung heroes, offering insights from mine managers, superintendents, and other speakers who are directly responsible for operations. Case studies will be presented by mining companies currently utilizing innovative mining techniques. “At PACE we have a track record of creating a sense of certainty for the realization of specific benefits related to not just new technology but any kind of major change,” says CEO Neha Singh CEO. “Recently we’ve seen major mining companies slash innovation budgets in favour of ‘tried and true’ methods of doing business. We propose that there is a happy middle ground, with the understanding that innovation is happening every day within operations, and that we can showcase some simple but effective simplistic innovations that have had a major impact to the way mines work.” The conference theme notwithstanding, BDT2020 will remain true to its roots and highlight the emergence of new and future mining technologies. To facilitate the exposure to these new technologies, BDT2020 has again partnered with NORCAT. “As the global one-stop shop for all that is the future of mining, NORCAT remains at the forefront of innovation in both training and development and technology deployment in the global mining industry” says Don Duval, CEO. “NORCAT is excited to partner with PACE and the Beyond Digital Transformation conference to once again provide a forum for attendees to see and touch emerging technologies that are poised to transform the global mining industry.” The Data to Decisions conference agenda promises dynamic speakers, networking sessions, panel discussions, and new technology. And, as in past years, BDT2020 will again raise money for charity – to date, $40,000 has been raised for 15 different speaker-chosen charities. Registration and sponsorship package information for Beyond Digital Transformation 2020, Feb. 5-6, 2019, is available now. For details, visit www.BeyondDigitalTransformation.com, or call 1-844-353-PACE (7223). Link to PACE’s YouTube channel for videos highlighting the 2018 and 2019 BDT conferences.


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