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GOLD: Pretium refinances Brucejack construction loan

The Brucejack gold mill during the winter of 2018. (Image: Brucejack Resources)

BRITISH COLUMBIA – Based in Vancouver, Pretium Resources has refinance the construction credit facility used to build the Brucejack gold mine 65 km north of Stewart.  The company has a commitment letter from the Bank of Nova Scotia, Societe Generale, and ING Capital for a US$480 million loan.

The loan has a non-revolving US$250 million credit facility and a revolving US$230 million credit facility.

Pretium will use the loan ot refinance the existing construction loan of about US$423 million due on Dec. 31, 2018. The revolving loan may also be available for general corporate purposes, including if necessary, the repurchase of all the existing 8% precious metals stream.

The Brucejack gold mine has reached steady state production at a rate of 2,700 t/d. In years 1 to 8, output will be 504,000 oz. for each year or for the total 18 years of mine life it will average 404,000 oz. of gold.

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