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Jannatec opens new office at Norcat underground centre

Jannatec’s Enso SmartHelmets can be customized for mining users.

Jannatec Technologies, a leading provider of safety and communications equipment to the mining industry, is expanding the testing and demonstration capabilities of its solutions in a proven mining environment very close to home. The company has opened a new office at the Norcat Underground Centre.

Earlier this year, Norcat, a leader in skilled labour training and development and the ‘one stop shop’ for all that is the future of mining technology and innovation, opened the centre in Onaping, Ont., where companies like Jannatec can test and develop mining products.

Jannatec and Norcat have a long standing relationship. “Currently, Jannatec’s main office is housed at Norcat on Maley Drive, and we look forward to expanding our relationship with an office at the new Underground Centre. The opportunities this will provide are numerous and exciting,” says Jannatec’s operations manager Sheila Robinson.

She added, “This expansion will allow Jannatec to support our large local and regional client base while continuing to develop products that we hope will serve to enhance safety in the global mining industry for years to come. We are thrilled to be part of the larger mining community being built here.”

Jannatec continues to build on the success of its Jaws proximity detection platform and flagship product the G3T radio cap lamp, and our other safety products, such as the new and innovative Enso SmartHelmet.

Jannatec has more than 25 years in the supply of communications and safety equipment to the mining industry. Learn more at

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