MacLean, RufDiamond introduce BP3 mobile shotcrete batch plant

The latest addition to the MacLean shotcrete product line  has arrived – the BP3 mobile batch plant for fresh, in situ concrete […]
MacLean’s new BP3 delivers 30 cubic metres of shotcrete per hour. Credit: MacLean Engineering

The latest addition to the MacLean shotcrete product line  has arrived – the BP3 mobile batch plant for fresh, in situ concrete for underground  construction projects. The design combines the rugged, mobile equipment expertise of  MacLean and RufDiamond with specialized dry-to-wet mix digital batching technology.

The  BP3’s high-speed, high-capacity delivery mechanism offers up an efficient, near-zero waste  solution for shotcrete quality control in the mining and civil tunnelling sectors.

The BP3 design features a 6-m3 dry hopper, a 500-liter water tank, a 3.3-metre mixing  auger, and digitally controlled mixing technology with up and down capabilities and a 30-m3/h output, all integrated onto a MacLean-quality mining vehicle carrier that can be either battery  electric or diesel powered. The design also provides for ease of maintenance with electronic  diagnostics, accessible fuel filling, and grease points.

“This is truly a team effort with RufDiamond, one where our combined mobile equipment and  underground mining expertise has developed something truly unique and needed,” notes Jonathan  Lavallee, global shotcrete product line manager for MacLean. “Not every underground  construction project has a surface batch plant operating at full capacity and with optimal quality  control, and not every project has a slick line infrastructure for the delivery of concrete for shotcrete  applications underground. This is where the BP3 Mobile Batch Plant steps in by offering up a solution  for customers looking for another option for instant, quality mix for shotcrete spraying where and  when it is needed.”  

“With  the additional support of Bay-Lynx, our integration partner for the specialized dry concrete hopper,  this partnership solves a specific problem around concrete delivery and quality in the challenging  underground environments of mining and tunnelling. I’m thrilled to be working with MacLean to  bring this solution around the globe,” adds Daryl Adams, president of RufDiamond.

MacLean has been innovating for 50 years in the underground mining sector. The full range of products is posted at


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