Nokia launches first 5G-ready network with Teck, Shaw Business at Elkview in BC

Nokia has announced a partnership with Shaw Business to deploy Western Canada’s first dedicated 5G-ready private LTE mining network for Teck Resources […]
Teck’s Elkview operations Credit: Teck
[caption id="attachment_1003743041" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Teck's Elkview operations Credit: Teck Teck's Elkview operations Credit: Teck[/caption] Nokia has announced a partnership with Shaw Business to deploy Western Canada’s first dedicated 5G-ready private LTE mining network for Teck Resources at the company's Elkview coal operations in B.C. The industrial-grade network is expected to deliver greater coverage, mobility, security and reliability for Teck. This deployment will support Teck’s RACE21 program, which aims to transform its mining operations by harnessing innovative technology, generating new value, reducing operating costs, and improving safety, sustainability and productivity at its operations. Developed by Shaw in partnership with Nokia, Western Canada’s first private LTE network will provide greater coverage and reliability as compared to the traditional, non-dedicated wireless networks currently offered by competitors in the marketplace. Additionally, this new private LTE network is expected to help Teck achieve significant value and efficiencies at Elkview. The miner is also looking at opportunities for using 5G-ready private LTE network technology at other operations. “Teck’s RACE21 program aims to generate new value, reduce operating costs and significantly improve safety, sustainability and productivity at our operations, and improving network infrastructure will support achieving those goals,” Andrew Milner, senior VP and chief transformation officer with Teck, said in a release. Shaw Business leveraged its licenced spectrum portfolio and technical staff to build the 5G-ready private LTE network that provides the coverage, mobility, security, and reliability required to optimize a modern digital mine. The network is based upon Nokia’s industrial-grade Private Wireless solution. Because this network solution is fully private, Teck can operate mission-critical applications without the conflict of any outside IT and operations constraints that are prevalent in similar non-dedicated wireless networks. “The global economy is on the verge of the next industrial revolution — a change that will be driven entirely by 5G and other advanced connected technologies,” added Katherine Emberly, president, business with Shaw Communications. “Through this project, we were able to combine our spectrum assets with our deep industry knowledge and sector expertise to help Teck boost productivity, efficiency, and improve safety, while transforming their network infrastructure to deliver significant operational value.” “This first-of-its-kind private LTE mining network solution built by Shaw is a giant step forward for global 5G innovation,” concluded Jeffrey Maddox, president of Nokia Canada. “In partnership with Shaw, we are deploying our industrial-grade private LTE networking solutions to provide the powerful, scalable, and flexible capabilities of a private, dedicated network to Teck. Nokia’s 5G-ready private wireless portfolio enables Teck to be future-proofed for years to come — allowing for significant digital transformation in the mining industry and beyond.” For more information, visit,, or  


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