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OILSANDS: Suncor adopts cogeneration at Base plant to cut carbon footprint

Suncor will cut its carbon footprint substantially by replacing the coke-fired boiler with a cogeneration plant at its Base plant. (Image: Suncor Energy)

ALBERTA – Calgary’s Suncor Energy has committed $1.4 billion to adopt low carbon cogeneration of power at its Base plant near Fort McMurray. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with steam production at the plant will be reduced by approximately 25%.

The cogeneration plant will replace coke-fired boilers, providing steam for extraction and upgrading and generating 800 MW of power for Suncor. It is expected to be operational in 2023.

Cogeneration is also expected to reduce sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by approximately 45% and 15% respectively. The flue gas desulphurization (FGD) unit will no longer be needed and will be taken out of service. Decommissioning the FGD unit will reduce the volume of water the company withdraws from the Athabasca River by approximately 20%.

Suncor believes this project will contribute to both Alberta and Canada’s climate ambitions. Cogeneration is the most energy efficient form of hydrocarbon-based power generation.

Learn more about Suncor’s oilsands operations at by clicking the “About us” tab.

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