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SOCIAL LICENCE: CIPS proposes co-operation with Star-Orion development

Indigenous people in Saskatchewan support the Star-Orion South diamond project. (Image: Star Diamond Corp.)

SASKATCHEWAN – The Coalition of Indigenous Peoples of Saskatchewan (CIPS) has proposed a protocol of understanding and co-operation covering the Star-Orion South diamond project.

The property is located 60 km east of Prince Albert and is 100% owned by Star Diamond Corp. It is in the advanced stage of exploration. The potential mine is located on land used by both the Metis and First Nations for traditional harvesting and as sacred sites.

CIPS is promoting the training and recruitment of Indigenous youth into trades, technical and skilled occupations, as well as labourers, miners, truck drives, and equipment operators.

CIPS president John Hanikenne hopes his organization can establish a positive and evolving relations Star Diamond specifically for the Star-Orion South project.

The Coalition estimates that more than 50% of Indigenous communities in the province are located less than 40 km from an extractive site. Rather than allow adverse environmental, health and socio-economic impacts to occur, CIPS wants to work with socially responsible and ethical mining companies for the benefit of all.

Readers can reach Hanikenne at 305-922-0090 or