TRAINING: Immersive Technologies fosters growth in North America

AUSTRALIA – The installed base of Immersive Technologies mining simulators in North America has seen consistent growth since the deployment of the […]
Immersive Technologies has simulator installations across North America.
[caption id="attachment_1003727199" align="aligncenter" width="478"] Immersive Technologies has simulator installations across North America.[/caption] AUSTRALIA – The installed base of Immersive Technologies mining simulators in North America has seen consistent growth since the deployment of the first generation units in the early 2000’s. Today, early adopters are upgrading their technology to the latest models while new customers are coming onboard at an accelerating rate. North American customers are increasingly obtaining quantified results in targeted areas such as lower spot times, higher dig rates and reduced machine abuse events caused by operator actions. Long-time customer Rio Tinto Kennecott will now be utilizing Managed Services and a transportable PRO4 to train operators on wet weather conditions. The majority of Kennecott’s haul truck operators have less than two years’ experience due to a very light snow year in 2017-18 many have not had to deal with the challenges that heavy snow brings. Kennecott is running all operators through simulator-based training to build confidence in those conditions. As all operators will be trained, data will be generated which help identify more opportunities for targeted training interventions relating to safety, productivity, and unscheduled maintenance. New-hire training is also part of Kennecott’s program and will continue to be a focus into 2019. Bighorn Mining, a greenfield operation in Canada, is currently using Managed Services and an IM360-B to ensure they develop an elite locally trained operator workforce. Bighorn management chose the combination of simulator-based training and professional services from Immersive Technologies due to the proven track record of quantified ROI. At Peabody’s North Antelope Rochelle mine (NARM) in Wyoming, a recently concluded Managed Services project returned positive and impressive results over the course of only five months that saw NARM achieve:
  • a 2.4 second spot time reduction and
  • a 9,166 monthly decrease or 57% improvement in operator induced machine events (alarms)
“NARM continues to be one of the top achievers in operator improvement. Their commitment to the safety and improvement of their staff is apparent by the results they achieve,” says Anthony Bruce, Immersive Technologies regional VP North America. In Mexico, an underground hard rock customer has reported that with the help of an Immersive Technologies’ embedded trainer they have achieved:
  • a 96% reduction on rear brake heating events;
  • a 86% reduction on front brake pressure drop events;
  • a 79% reduction on transmission abuse events; and
  • a 4.5% reduction on fuel consumption, representing US$444,181 on annualized savings.
“The fusion of Managed Services and simulator technology is a powerful combination as North American customers have quickly realized over the last decade. The fully supported solution by Immersive Technologies' Managed Services architecture drives quantifiable return on investment. It Includes pro-active supervision to drive best actions and access to select intellectual property for training and continuous Improvement,” Bruce says. Immersive Technologies has Canadian offices in Fort McMurray, Ottawa and Vancouver. Please visit the company’s website at


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