TRUCKS: Aramine to wind down production of T1601M trucks

FRANCE – Mining equipment manufacturer Aramine has announced that the Aramine T1601M mine truck is leaving its lineup as Deutz, the engine […]
The T1601C mine truck Credit: Aramine





[caption id="attachment_1003740866" align="aligncenter" width="550"]The T1601C mine truck Credit: Aramine The T1601C mine truck Credit: Aramine[/caption] FRANCE – Mining equipment manufacturer Aramine has announced that the Aramine T1601M mine truck is leaving its lineup as Deutz, the engine maker, will stop producing this truck component next year. However, Aramine is launching one last production of this popular air-cooled, fully mechanical truck – orders need to be confirmed by year-end. The units will be delivered within eight weeks, if orders are placed this month, or early next year, if the orders are placed after August. Aramine first designed the T1601M 10 years ago, when, based on customer demand, the company developed two different 15-ton mine trucks. The two resulting models are the T1601C and T1601M trucks, with capacities between 15 tons and 17.5 tons. Developed for small- to medium-scale underground operations – the units are 2 metres wide – both trucks fit galleries that are 3 metres by 3 meteres in size. Operator’s compartments are different in each version, but are both designed to offer optimal comfort and ergonomics. The trucks have been designed with a special dump box, engineered with a strong welded structure, angled corners for better protection, smooth interior for easy ore unloading and a rear duck tail to avoid material spillage during tramming. These two trucks have been operating worldwide over the past nine years. Aramine’s mechanical version – the T1601M – is equipped with a Deutz air-cooled engine, while the electronic version – T1601C - is designed with a CANbus (controller area network) system and equipped with a Cummins tier 3 CE CMSHA engine (and is available with a tier 4 final/ phase 5 version). Next year, only the T1601C will be available with the Cummins engine. The T1601M mine truck is designed with no electronics for simpler maintenance. The operator is side seated for better visibility in both directions and can operate the machine with a mechanical gearshift and electric pilot control. Customers can choose to add an optional mechanical tailgate on the dump box to increase capacity and avoid material spillage on grade and may also select an optional telescopic dump box for low back height unloading or back filling applications. Headquartered in France, Aramine specializes in mining and underground solutions. The company designs and builds innovative machines, such as battery-powered compact loaders, and offers worldwide on-site services to its customers. For more information, visit


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