ABB, Bridon-Bekaert develop integrated service portfolio for mine hoists

The two leading OEM companies join forces to develop an integrated service portfolio for ABB mine hoists. ABB and Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group […]
Bridon-Bekaert’s VisionTek optical measurement technology is deployed for predictive critical rope performance. Credit: BBRG

The two leading OEM companies join forces to develop an integrated service portfolio for ABB mine hoists. ABB and Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group (BBRG)has signed an agreement to jointly explore the evolution of service capabilities for mine hoists around the world. The geographic reach of the program includes North America as well as Australia, Europe, and Chhina.

There are more than 600 active production and service mine hoists within ABB’s global installed base, and now there is an opportunity together with BBRG, a leading manufacturer of mission-critical advanced cords and ropes, to serve these customers under a co-ordinated approach.

The two companies will design, develop and deliver services focused on the improvement of critical operations for mine hoist customers. The consultative solutions will include innovative approaches towards safety, availability, productivity, risk reduction, and sustainability. Aligning the best-in-class practices for preventative maintenance will be further enhanced by the integration of inspections, audits, and spare parts inventory optimization for the complete hoisting system.

ABB’s digital solution suite for mine hoist monitoring and optimization, ABB Ability smart hoisting, and BBRG’s VisionTek offerings for ropes will be combined under the predictive maintenance category, bringing technologies to provide asset health and condition/performance monitoring platforms and services to mine hoist operations.

ABB has been a leader in developing world-class hoisting solutions for over 130 years. Powered by electricity with the possibility to run off renewable energy sources, hoists are a future-forward solution. To date, ABB has delivered over 1,000 hoisting solutions globally. As a supplier of complete mine hoist systems, customers can benefit from low lifecycle cost, high reliability and system availability, short project execution time, and a single source of supply for complete systems, including service and spare parts.

Bridon-Bekaert is a leading innovator, developer, and producer of the best performing ropes and advanced cords globally. Its VisionTek technology is the leading 3D optical measurement technology that runs performance and surface algorithms to compare real-time performance with critical rope parameter requirements.

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