ABB launches Real Progress to accelerate global sustainability, productivity

ABB has today launched its new global sustainability initiative, showcasing the power of technology and expertise to prove that sustainability and productivity […]
Sustainability is no longer an option, it is an imperative in our rapidly evolving world. Credit: ABB

ABB has today launched its new global sustainability initiative, showcasing the power of technology and expertise to prove that sustainability and productivity go hand in hand. ABB’s Real Progress campaign is a rallying call to customers, partners, and suppliers, inspiring them to harness technology leadership and the solutions that exist today to amplify their own impact across process industries such as mining, metals, and pulp and paper.

For more than 130 years, ABB technology has been embedded in industries where emissions are hard to abate and where alternative solutions are either unavailable or difficult to practically implement. Today, ABB is combatting many changes in the world, such as rising emissions, water and energy scarcity, and workforce skills challenges.

The decarbonization challenge unites the mining, metals, and pulp and paper industries with leadership teams striving to meet increasing market demand with a more rapid increase in energy and resource efficiency to reach their committed sustainability targets such as more carbon-neutral operations. Across these vital process industries, there is a growing recognition that automation, electrification, and digitalization are essential components of the journey towards meeting climate targets set out by businesses, legislation, governments, and international agreements over the next 25 years and beyond.

“The journey toward sustainability isn't a gradual progression; it's a bold transformation. The actions and decisions we take today, together with every innovation we embrace, are powerful steps towards a sustainable future, and we're unapologetically leading the charge,” said Joachim Braun, division president, ABB process industries.

The eMine Trolley System at the Copper Mountain mine cut carbon emissions by 90%. Credit: ABB

In the mining industry, Real Progress means helping customers through their energy transition, with electrification combined with world-class technologies for hoisting and grinding. The ABB eMine solution is one example, empowering them to convert fossil fuel reliant mines to all-electric. By automating all electrification solutions, customers can now monitor, control, and then reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in real time. 

This has been achieved with Boliden at its Kankberg gold mine in Sweden where ABB Ability Ventilation Optimizer has been deployed to supply fresh air where and when it is needed in the underground operation. The solution, connected to the ABB Ability System 800xA distributed control system (DCS), returned energy savings of 54% and air heating energy savings of 21% in its first year of use while also improving safety by enabling the faster exhaust of hazardous gases.

ABB’s eMine Trolley System has been in operation at large, open pit mines where diesel trucks are retrofitted to run on electric trolley lines while transporting ore. Copper Mountain Mining in British Columbia has reported that the automated and electrified solution has resulted in a 90% reduction in carbon emissions for the electrified trucks running on trolley, compared to the diesel-powered trucks, while they can also run at twice the speed.

“To reach net-zero emissions globally by 2050, we will require six times more mineral inputs in 2040. The challenge for the industry lies in having to reduce its emissions while ramping up production of critical minerals to fulfil the needs of modern lives,” added Braun. “Once in place, automation, and electrification technologies, combined with digital solutions, are revolutionizing mining operations and driving sustainability from pit to port and the world beyond.”

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