Don’t Hit the Brakes on Safety: The use of wheel chocks in the Mining industry for Maximum Preventative Measures

Miners need NPR wheel chocks to prevent heavy equipment injuries Looking for wheel chocks that tick all the boxes? Look no further […]





Miners need NPR wheel chocks to prevent heavy equipment injuries

Looking for wheel chocks that tick all the boxes? Look no further than National Plastics & Rubber’s World-Class Wheel Chocks:

  • Promote a safe work environment
  • Improve site ergonomics
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Extensively field tested

National Plastics & Rubber (NPR) are leaders in the design and manufacture of polyurethane, rubber, and industrial plastic products. Trusted by the global mining community since 1997, the company prides itself on minimizing workplace health and safety risks, providing load-rated machine support, and extending equipment service life across the heavy industry. NPR knows that as operating environments change, they demand new products focused on safety, reliability, and that provide an engineered response to critical incidents.

With over 25 years of industry experience, NPR wheel chocks have been developed with industrial demands in mind. NPR’s chocks aim to improve worker safety across every site and create an incident-free culture. This is achieved through industry-leading innovative design – incorporating a “toe” design on the front of the chock, means the tire engages with the toe of the chock causing vertical pressure into the ground before it engages the face. The chock is locked and prevented from slipping in extreme conditions.

Manufactured from polyurethane, these chocks are designed as a lightweight alternative to traditional wood, plastic, and rubber wheel chocks. What may appear to be a simple solution, wood and other chocks expose workers to unnecessary safety dangers and manual handling fatigue injuries, including an unknown weight capacity, slipperiness, splinters, and catastrophic failures. 

Backed by extensive independent field testing, NPR chocks are proven to be the reliable trusted world-class solution. The testing confirmed NPR’s chocks can withstand all conditions and climates. From the freezing temperatures of British Columbia to the extreme heat of the Australian outback.

NPR chocks have won awards recognising the company’s commitment to innovation, ingenuity, and continuous improvement. Most recently winning a Queensland Mining Industry health and safety award is the Workshop Wheel Chock, which expands on the most trusted wheel chocks available. This chock is purpose designed for the workshop environment. Featuring handles for ease of use and ergonomic operation, the Workshop Chock reduces back strain caused by repeated bending and eliminates the need to go under the footprint of the truck.

The success of our world-class wheel chocks is demonstrated by our expansion into the aviation industry. With a refined design that includes the toe lock system to meet aviation safety demands, our Aerochock aircraft chocks are now sold across the globe. Trusted by leading ground handling companies, airports, and airlines, Aerochock are the superior alternative to traditional chocks – and they are proven to prevent injuries on the ramp.

National Plastics & Rubber is proud to be a local supplier of industry-leading wheel chocks across North America. With stock warehoused in Canada, we have the capacity to furnishcommercial truck fleets, oil and gas facilities, and entire mine sites with our award-winning chocks.

Learn more about the best wheel chocks for every application on the National Plastics & Rubber website.


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