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Litus offers lithium recovery savings from brine sources

There is a new, more efficient process to recover lithium from brines. Credit: iStock

Litus has just launched its first product, LiNC, a lithium extraction solution proven to deliver exceptional recovery capabilities and industrial robustness. The high performance and selectivity of LiNC results in a solution that it is able to accomplish more in a single step than competing technologies can achieve with several energy and chemically intensive steps.

The patent pending nanotechnology composite material gives LiNC a very strong ionic affinity and extreme lithium selectivity despite the presence of competing irons such as sodium, magnesium and calcium. The materials Litus developed are effective when other means tend to collect the deleterious minerals as well as lithium. The process is both modular and scalable.

LiNC extract more lithium from brine sources with a process that is cleaner, safer, water- and energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly, according to Litus. The process takes only a few hours and lithium purity is unmatched.

Litus was formed in Calgary in 2019, and bills itself as an emerging leader in the application of nanotechnology to address some of the world’s biggest energy challenges.

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