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Picking the right mine pump sealing technology: John Crane webinar


Canadian Mining Journal recently hosted a live, virtual webinar with John Crane, leading experts in mine pump sealing applications. During the course of the event, the experts explained how the right sealing technology can reduce energy use and water consumption in mining operations, and improve the longevity and reliability of mining equipment.

The webinar, which included a live question and answer session with four John Crane experts, covered everything from mechanical/gland packing to upgrading to mechanical seals. It also touched on John Crane’s proprietary diamond seal face treatment, and strategies to increase the reliability of slurry, underflow, and tailings pumps in severe-duty conditions.

The webinar heard from four John Crane experts: Warren Paul Smith, global mining community leader/coordinator; Steve Taylor, Canadian mining market segment manager; Mike Kaladimos, global product manager, and Tyler Smit, global product manager for John Crane Diamond.

Watch the full webinar here:

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