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Press releases have moved to The Northern Miner


Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, other than five lead items, mining press releases are now behind the paywall of our sister publication, The Northern Miner. The aggregation of the mining press releases into one feed is a value-added service not found elsewhere. CMJ receives its feed from The Northern Miner, which incurs a cost to provide this service. As such, it has been placed behind a paywall and is fully accessible to those with a paid Northern Miner subscription. We welcome you to become a Northern Miner subscriber via this link, an executive subscriber via this link, or you can try a four-week free trial by clicking here. Current CMJ subscribers are eligible for a 25% discount off the various subscription package prices.

While we understand you may be disappointed with this development, we should note that the stories in the press release feed are only mining company news releases, and do not include news from the mine suppliers, which is our specialty. You still have free and unlimited access to all CMJ stories and press releases we have published in the magazine, online, and in our daily newsletter. This is a digital archive of thousands of stories dating back over 20 years and all searchable by company name or product category.

If you have any questions or concerns about this development or about our publication in general, please contact us

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