TAILINGS RETREATMENT: Oil sands projects receives federal funding

ALBERTA — Titanium Corporation of Edmonton will receive up to $4.9 million in federal funds from Sustain...

ALBERTATitanium Corporation of Edmonton will receive up to $4.9 million in federal funds from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) for its "Creating Value from Waste" project. The money will used to advance the demonstration of technologies that recover valuable products from oil sands tailings and deliver environmental improvements. The pilot project will be led by Titanium on behalf of Syncrude Canada, Sojitz Corp. and the Government of Alberta, which has pledged a further $3.5 million Energy Innovation Grant.


The project aims to recover heavy minerals as well as hydrocarbons and water. Titanium's technology is designed to work at all of Canada's oil sands mines. Treatment and reuse of tailings water using the process could reduce the consumption of fresh river water and the footprint of the tailings ponds.


Ultimately, Titanium technology will intercept tails from froth treatment plants before they are deposited in the ponds. First, hydrocarbons and water would be recovered, and a second plant will produce a heavy mineral concentrate containing zircon, ilmenite and leucoxene. Tails from Titanium's plants would be piped to the existing tailings ponds.


A flowsheet of the process is posted at www.TitaniumCorporation.com.


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