100 YEARS: Siemens Canada celebrates a century

BURLINGTON, Ontario - Siemens Canada officially kicked off its 100-year anniversary on Aug. 28, 2012, with a celebratory event at their new 10,220-m3, LEED certified headquarters in Oakville, ON, to be completed in late 2012. The event,...




BURLINGTON, Ontario - Siemens Canada officially kicked off its 100-year anniversary on Aug. 28, 2012, with a celebratory event at their new 10,220-m3, LEED certified headquarters in Oakville, ON, to be completed in late 2012. The event, attended by Siemens senior executives, including Siemens AG CEO Peter Löscher, dignitaries and honoured guests, begins two days of celebration to mark past accomplishments and launch the company's second century of innovation and excellence in Canada.

Siemens Canada was involved in several important Canadian firsts, including the first national telex network, providing early text-based message network communication (1957), one of the first modern light rail systems in North America (Edmonton, 1975), the design and installation of the world's first retractable roof at Toronto's Rogers Centre (formerly SkyDome) in 1989, and the first filmless hospital in Montreal (allowing for simultaneous digital image and data viewing) in 1998.

Siemens also played a role in some of Canada's most iconic projects, including lighting areas of Expo'67 (Montreal), illuminating both the CN Tower (1994) and Niagara Falls (2007), modernizing the Canadian Coast Guard's flagship icebreaker Louis S. St. Laurent (1988-1993) and outfitting two "super ferries" in British Columbia with electrical and automation systems (completed in 1993 and 1994).

"With a hand in so many notable projects in this country's history, Siemens Canada has made its mark on the character of the nation," said Robert Hardt, CEO, Siemens Canada. "We've stood for innovation, quality and reliability for a century and our commitment to Canada will continue to define us in the future as we address the most challenging questions of our time."

As Siemens Canada embarks on its second century, it continues to evolve but its goal remains the same; the company aims to deliver solutions to mitigate the issues that will define Canada in the twenty-first century and beyond, namely the challenges that are being defined by climate change, urbanization, demographic change and globalization. These challenges range from the conservation of scarce resources and efficient transportation of goods, to providing sustainable energy and caring for a growing and ageing population.

Some of the projects Siemens Canada is currently working on include:

  • Smart Grid Reduce and Shift Demand projects (RASD): Siemens Canada is working closely with NB Power to educate customers, offering businesses and residents in New Brunswick more choice and control over their energy consumption
  • Biograph mMR: Researchers in the Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ontario are using Biograph mMR/PET to study treatable mechanisms of brain damage caused by Alzheimer's and stroke, which may help clinicians determine the most beneficial patient therapies and reduce the burden of stroke among Canadians.
  • U.S. and Canada Green Index: Commissioned by Siemens and conducted by the research institute Economist Intelligence Unit, the US and Canada Green City Index (launched in September 2011) is a comprehensive research study that assesses 27 major cities in the two countries according to their relative levels of sustainability. The cities are evaluated across a range of categories, such as energy, transport, water, waste, and environmental governance.

Siemens has 4,400 employees in 61 offices and 13 manufacturing plants throughout Canada. The company operates in the sectors that are addressing Canada's greatest challenges including:

  • Energy: Siemens is helping utilities and municipalities deliver reliable supplies of electricity while mitigating climate change by providing technologies that range from the most advanced gas turbines to wind farm systems.
  • Industry: Siemens is helping address the emerging need to increase efficiencies and reduce costs by delivering customized solutions in the areas of industry automation, drive technologies and customer services.
  • Healthcare: Siemens is helping providers meet rising demands, improve efficiency and advance patient care by providing integrated systems of healthcare technology in the areas of imaging and therapy systems, diagnostics and clinical products.
  • Infrastructure & Cities: Siemens is focused on serving the needs of cities with a portfolio comprising integrated mobility solutions, building and security systems, power distribution equipment, smart grid applications and low- and medium-voltage products.

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