Health & Safety

Health and safety are about prevention and response

Mining companies in Canada have invested millions of dollars in developing safety management systems to support personal safety, process safety and literally transform workplace culture.

Diavik’s mine rescue team wins overall championship

Diavik Diamond Mines Inc., operator of the Diavik Diamond Mine, NWT, is pleased to announce that its mine rescue team recently won the overall underground competition at the 10th National Western Regional Mine Rescue Competition held every two...

Seeing the Light

Earlier this summer, 15 mine rescuers in three teams responded instantly to the call from the 1,000-m level at Vale's Stobie nickel mine in Ontario. They were at the accident scene within 80 minutes but, sadly, not in time to…

Mine safety is for “sissies”

Mine safety is a topic I could talk about in almost every issue of the magazine. It's something that I'm familiar with because unlike most people, I've actually been in mines and know first hand how potentially dangerous they can…

There’s no such title as “Just a Worker”

I'm often amazed but always gratified by the number of people who comment that they read an article in a recent issue and felt compelled to say how much they either enjoyed it or, didn't!

SEMINAR: Mine rescue and emergency management

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania - Make plans now to attend the Mine Rescue & Emergency Management Seminar July 26-27, 2011. The conference will appeal to mining industry professionals seeking more effective emergency solutions.

Mine rescue award

The University of British Columbia mine rescue team has won the first Biannual University Mine Rescue Competition hosted by the Colorado School of Mines. The team faced real fires and smoke to rescue 29 patient-actors trapped 1000 feet below...

AWARD: Redpath receives award for safety innovation

NORTH BAY, Ontario - The Ontario Mine Contractors Safety Association (OMCSA) has awarded the 2010 Worker Safety Innovation Award to the Redpath Group for its oxyacetylene carrier. The carrier is a metal cabinet that safely transports and...

SAFETY: Mining is second safest industry in Ontario

Ontario's mining industry continues to show steady progress in improving its safety performance. According to provisional statistics released recently, Ontario's mining sector's lost time injury rate was 0.5 per 200,000 hours worked in 2010,...